Quality Flooring by Dunn-Rite Hardwood Floors is a well known family owned and operated carpet, tile, laminate, stone, and wood flooring business that were serving customers with the best quality flooring items and services. The company offers a huge variety of flooring materials which includes marble, granite, limestone, wood, vinyl, linoleum and many more. They are able to offer top quality materials and services to their customers at an affordable price. They are dedicated to providing quality service and products to their customers. FDunn-Rite Hardwood Floors always emphasizes quality, durability, beauty, innovation, and style when making floor tiles and carpet.

The company is also committed in providing quality flooring solutions and products for residential and commercial applications. Frank is well known for making durable, resistant, attractive, beautiful, and long lasting flooring such as ceramic tiles, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, and marble. Dunn-Rite Hardwood Floors specializes in providing quality flooring materials and solutions for domestic and commercial properties. Vinyl and laminate floors are their major offerings. They can produce any type of floor covering like wood, carpet, or linoleum. They can produce high quality flooring for interior as well as exterior applications.

Dunn-Rite has spent most of his life working with carpet manufacturers, flooring installation professionals, and contractors. Because of this expertise he is well qualified and experienced to provide the services needed by property owners. Frank offers a wide range of products including carpet flooring installation, hardwood floors, linoleum, vinyl, and laminate floors. Each one of these flooring types offers its own advantages and benefits to property owners.

Vinyl wood plank flooring is extremely popular because it is not only a beautiful, durable, and affordable floor covering it is easy to maintain. With just a vacuum and a mop, vinyl wood plank flooring can look great and remain looking fresh for years. Vinyl wood plank floors are also very easy to install and can be finished in any color. Dunn-Rite has spent a considerable amount of time researching the best vinyl wood plank flooring for both residential and commercial properties. This allows property owners to have the best quality flooring in Denver, which also looks great.

Linoleum and vinyl plank flooring is the next best choice for many people. These floor coverings are incredibly durable and are available in a wide range of colors, grains, and textures. Linoleum is often the most expensive type of flooring but it is also the easiest to clean and maintain. Vinyl plank flooring is another great choice for both residential and commercial properties. They are easy to install and look great.