What are the advantages to dimensional letters? Dimensional lettering offer several advantages. Here are some of those most evident: High visibility. Dimensional lettering are very clear, bold and easily readable.

Dimensional letters

They are also highly visible, which is perfect for catching the attention of those who drive, stroll or bike by. They are unaltered from the original, allowing for full reproduction of details of embossed finishes, raised finishes and other textured font styles. They are very flat and smooth in their application, which further enhances their visibility. They are also extremely durable. With their heavy gauge steel construction and brushed finishes, they are virtually scratch resistant and are commonly coated with a clear, epoxy polyester that offers long-lasting protection from the elements.

When choosing dimensional letters, one wants to choose a font style that is not only durable, but one that is also strong, yet legible at the same time. In fact, these types of lettering offer so many advantages over their counterparts that choosing an appropriate finish is crucial to creating a great looking product. Flat finished products are often heavy in weight and not as flexible. Some have large raised sections that can make them less attractive if they are used in a less noticeable area such as on the side of a door. Brushed finishes help to create a softer look and, of course, are much more durable.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that the design is not too heavy, since the weight could cause it to sag under the weight of the next heavier sign or fixture on the adjacent rack. The design should be sturdy and be able to hold up against the elements, such as wind, rain and snow. These are common occurrences for flat signs as they age. When choosing dimensional letters, they should not be overly heavy, since this could lead to the sign toppling or falling over. In addition, they should be made out of materials that will not easily rust or fade, making them timeless.

Flat finished gemstone dimensional letters also come with a lifetime guarantee, providing peace of mind and security with any purchase. They are also very economical, allowing business owners to cover the cost of signage or product without having to spend thousands or dollars. When ordering flat finished gemstone letters, they should be ordered in multiplexes to allow for different letters with different colors. Most businesses only need two or three different colored gemstones to achieve a striking and eye-catching look that brings great attention to the company.

A great benefit of dimensional letter signs is that they create a bold and noticeable branding statement that stays with the viewer long after the message is read. This is because everyone has a tendency to glance at their phones or mobile phones more intently when they are reading a text message than when they are looking at a flat piece of paper, or a piece of stationery. Flat, boring-looking text can often times leave people with the wrong impression of what they are reading. When colors are used in text messaging, many businesses are able to capture the attention of recipients by including vibrant colors and exciting images. This will make their message stand out and they will read it with more interest than if it was written without any flair.