What types of Lighted Signs are available for business in Sarasota Florida? There are many choices out there. These are your most popular: front-mounted sign, front-mounted or overhead lighted signs, counter-signed or internally-lit signs, often referred to as halo-signs, neon signs, counter-signed or internally-illuminated signs, and outdoor lighted signs. Below is a brief description of each:

Lighted Signs

Overhead and Underwater Lighted Signs These are perfect for advertising outside of the store front window. LED lights are used to create a high level of visibility without creating additional lighting issues. Unlike other types of lighted signs that are hung from the ceiling, these signs are designed to be visible from the ground. LED lights, also known as “light-emitting diodes” or “LED lights,” use a diode and a filament to produce light. The diodes produce an electric current that is charged positive on one end but oppose it on the other.

Counter-signed or internally-illuminated signs are typically cast in metal or plastic. These types of sign are difficult to see under low light levels. Counter-signed signs can be used for text, but because of the difficulty in seeing letters, the font included, and the lighting involved, counter-signed or internally-illuminated signs are usually used for product or service branding. Many smaller businesses choose to use these types of lighted signs for simple directional signage or indoor/outdoor branding purposes.

Outdoor Lighting provides an additional means of visibility to business owners. Using multiple types of outdoor lighting, companies can direct attention to specific areas on their property where signage will be most effective. Directional signs that feature arrow points or other graphics help to direct customers where to go. Indoor lighting can provide general visibility, while bright overhead lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Digital Signage Digital signs may be the most economical way to display text or image on the outside of a building. Many commercial buildings opt to include digital signs within their advertising campaigns because digital signage eliminates many of the problems associated with lit displays. Unlike lit displays, digital signs do not require backlighting because the electronic signals use a different method of illumination. Digital signs can include text, audio, video, and animation, which allow advertisers to customize text or images to better suit their specific needs.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to install lighted signs on their buildings. Some of the top reasons include increased visibility for customers and increased revenue due to increased sales. Another reason is to improve the aesthetic appeal of the business as well as increase its functionality. Regardless of the reason for installing lighted signs on the outside of a building, the installation process is fairly simple since most sign suppliers and manufacturers offer full installation kits. Once the sign package is installed, it is important to maintain the visibility of the signage. The best way to ensure visibility is to regularly clean the sign brackets and LED bulbs to keep the sign lighting efficient.