With outstanding choice of top-quality products, excellent assortment of specialty bathtubs, essential accessories, and so much more, Portland bathtub replacement professionals have all the items you need to add function and value to your own home. Best of all, they can minimize the impact a bathtub replacement has on your busy lifestyle by having it installed in just one day on average. However, it is important to know that this may not be an option for everyone, because not all tubs are easy to replace. If you need help choosing the right Portland tubs for you, however, there are a few helpful tips:

* Prior to choosing a bathtub replacement professional, find out if your old bathtub can be used as a replacement model. If it cannot be converted, consider replacing it with a new model, like the Portland. In fact, many experienced companies offer this kind of service, especially when a bathtub drain block is installed. When the new block is installed, old holes in the drain are plugged. As a result, your old tub no longer functions as a bathroom fixture. If you do choose to use an older model, make sure it is serviced annually to ensure it continues to work correctly.

* Determine the material the bathtub replacement you are considering uses. Portland has many options depending on what you prefer. Wood, acrylic, marble, cast iron, stainless steel, glass, and fiberglass are just a few options. There are also different hardware colors and stains to choose from. For example, nickel might not be a good choice depending on the color of your bathroom walls, while gold would look great in a bathroom painted white.

* Choose a company that will install the bathtub replacement. While you can do it yourself, many companies offer an installation service to make sure the job is done properly and to minimize bathroom remodeling costs. It is important that you have someone qualified to install the old bathtub. They should measure the space where it is to be installed and let you know how much floor space is required.

* Determine the price of the new bathtub replacement. Depending on the material the old bathtub was made of and the condition of the plumbing it might add up to more than the price of the unit. Some companies charge an installation cost and a warranty. Find out what kind of warranty is offered. This is important in case anything happens to the product or during the installation process.

* Understand the installation process. Bathtub replacement is a simple procedure but there are several steps involved in the process. First, the plumbing must be shut off. The bathtub drain is then exposed. The plumbing is then installed around the edges of the tub. Then tiles are put in place to surround the area and a tiling compound is poured on top to finish the job.