Tips For Choosing the Right Type of Business Signs

Business Signs

The importance of business signs is unquestionable. Not only are these signs useful for guiding potential customers to your store, but they also draw the attention of passersby. People tend to look for businesses in their neighborhood, so having a catchy sign will catch the attention of these people. In addition to attracting attention, business signs can also help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Here are some tips for choosing the right type of business signs.

The light of the sign is a key factor. If the sign is not well lit at night, it will only be visible to daytime passersby. Similarly, if your store is in a low-traffic area, but has a high volume of traffic late at night, it may not be able to be noticed. The lighting is also seasonal; summer daylight hours may extend until late at night, while winter daylight hours are shorter. Moreover, the daylight savings time affects the appearance of your business during the busy hours.

Choose the right type of material. Wood is the strongest material for paneling and gives off a classic look. However, you should only use wood for signs that are located indoors and in dry environments. Wooden signs are available in many finishes, including carved and recessed lettering. The environmental benefits of using wood for signs also make them an excellent choice for companies who are “green”. Besides wood, you can also opt for Lexan. Lexan is more durable than Acrylic and is perfect for lighting. Carolina Signs and Wonders offers you Lexan.

Channel lettering is another popular type of business sign. Made from thin aluminum sheets or die-cut colored acrylic, channel letter signs are mounted on walls with a stud or raceway. They can be easily customized to fit the building’s decor and enhance brand image. The importance of business signage is undeniable, as it is an excellent way to attract potential customers and boost your business. You can also choose between dimensional lettering and traditional lettering.

When choosing a type of sign, keep in mind that it has several aspects that affect the cost. The size of the sign is one of the most important factors, as a larger sign will cost more than a smaller one. The materials and usage of the sign also affect the price. Generally, promotional signs are made of less expensive plastic. However, if your signs need to last for years, you should choose a durable material.

If you’re buying a sign for a building, consider using a light box. A light box sign is inexpensive and makes a great sign that’s visible even at night. There are some building owners who allow light box signs, but others won’t. In this case, the building owner will let you know which signs are permitted and which ones should be removed. A sign that can easily be removed and stored will be less visible to the public.